Fill dirt is an earthy material which used to fill in holes. It also allows us to artificially correct the grading to level your property. It is important to use fill dirt to fix holes, divots, or any other uneven areas in the ground. This is for both safety reasons, as well as for proper structural support for all other elements in your landscape design.

Draining Issues

Have you ever had been left with puddles and soggy grass after a rainfall? Improper drainage can cause a wide range of problems, including yard erosion. Whenever you notice signs of drainage issues, it is best to call right away, since the problem is still small and finanical reasonable. We want to help you avoid costly problems down the line by designing and implementing drainage systems that work for your yard!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve as structural elements and can make a dramatic visual and functional impact on your landscape. A strong design and properly installed wall can hold back soil and rocks, preventing erosion in your yard. The shape and substrate of the wall can add aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

Bobcat Work

Have a big project or demolition in mind? We have Bobcats that can help with the job. We provide a variety of Bobcat services such as brush clearing, site preparation, yard grading, land clearing and more. Our highly skilled and experienced Bobcat drivers can handle any job!


From sod installation to maintenance, we can give your yard the luscious, green makeover it needs in no time. We carry many different types of sod, however, we want to help you find the perfect sod that is suited to your backyard and personal taste. After the sod is laid we will give you advice on how to keep it healthy. We’ve laid hundred’s of sod sheets as a company and we would love to help you.

Hardscapes and Softscapes

These are important elements when creating a visually appealing yard. We will team up with you to learn and understand your vision. In order to create a balanced yard, both hardscapes and softscapes should be included. Hardscapes refer to the heavier elements of landscape design, such as stone, rocks, and patios, while softscapes are the organic features, such as soil, flowers, and trees. Hardscapes and softscapes complement each other and create visual balance. We will work with you to create a stunning yard you can be proud of!

Tree Work

There are a variety of different services we offer when it comes to tree work. First, tree trimming and pruning. It is very important to trim your trees regularly due to the many benefits it provides for your trees’ health and appearance. For example, it helps the tree keep its shape and vigor by removing broken or dead branches. Secondly, we can help you with tree planting. Our on-staff certified arborist can help you plan out your yard design, help you decide which types of trees to plant, and give you guidance and advice on how to keep the tree healthy. Lastly, tree cabling and bracing is necessary to support new or weak trees that might be harmed by storm or wind damage.

Stump Grinding

Have you recently had a tree removed and now you’re left with the stump? There are a number of reasons to remove the leftover stump. First, they are unsightly. In order to improve the appearance of your yard, the stumps have to go! Secondly, they are hazardous. They are low to the ground, so children and adults can accidently trip on them. Lastly, they are persistent. They will continue to grow even when the tree has been removed, which may cause damage to surrounding areas. We have trained employees and specialized, heavy-duty equipment necessary to successfully remove those stubborn stumps!

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