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Water WiselyWith the summer in full-swing and endless days of hot and humid weather in the forecast, many Georgians are staying indoors where it’s pleasant and cool. However, “you need to remember that your landscaping is outside, stranded in the heat,” warns Tracy Langston, owner of Marietta Tree Service & Marietta Landscape Services, both full-service tree care and landscape companies based in Acworth, Georgia. “The summer sun can put your trees and landscape plants under severe stress. Not only that, gusty winds, rain and lightning from summer thunderstorms can also cause a lot of damage.”

While homeowners and property managers cannot control the weather, there are steps you can do to protect your trees, shrubs and lawns from the summer weather and minimize the damage. Langston offers these suggestions:

Prune appropriately. A common misconception is that pruning should only be done in the winter, when trees are dormant. Yet the opposite is true. Summer is an ideal time to prune, as it can be easier to identify weak branches when they slump from the weight of new leaves. But don’t overdo it. Excessive pruning can weaken trees if they do not have enough food-producing leaves left.

Cable or brace weak trees. Before severe summer thunderstorms and winds roll in, cable or brace any trees with weak limbs to protect their structural integrity and preserve their health, and limit potential property damage.

Water wisely. Trees, lawns and outdoor landscaping plants should be watered on a regular schedule throughout the summer to keep them healthy and beautiful. The best time to water is during the early morning or after sunset, rather than the heat of the day, to allow the water to seep into the roots of the grass instead evaporating. But don’t overwater. Too much moisture can make plantlife more susceptible to disease.

Add mulch to retain moisture. Placing about 2 to 4 inches of mulch around the base of a tree will help the protect the tree from the intense summer sun. This, in turn, will keep the tree cooler while preventing moisture loss from evaporation and improve soil conditions.

Don’t give your lawn a buzz cut. As a general rule, grass should not be cut any shorter than three and a half inches. The reason is that the taller the grass, the longer the roots and the more resilient the grass will be against heat stress and drought. Furthermore, when lawns are cut too short, this can create a “scalped look” and make the grass more susceptible to burning.

Langston has additional tips for keeping trees and landscape plants healthy, not only during the summer months, but year-round. He encourages Atlanta area residents and businesses to give Marietta Tree Service a call if they have further questions about tree, lawn or plant care or would like assistance with any landscaping task. “Our certified arborist would be more than happy to walk your property and provide you with a no-cost, no obligation quote for any tree care or landscaping service you may need,” Langston says.

Marietta Tree Service provides the full range of landscaping services including landscape design; plant and sod installation; tree cabling and planting; tree pruning and trimming; tree and stump removal, grading; scheduled lawn care; design and installation of retaining walls, patios and pavers; installation of outdoor lighting; and installation and maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems.”

To arrange a complimentary consultation from Marietta Landscape Service’s fully-trained and certified arborist or to schedule a service, please call (770) 425-9010 or fill out the online contact form.

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